Monday, February 05, 2007

The Human Index

So now we'll be indexed, the War on Terror's latest.
Mouths swabbed or fingers pricked, entered in as data.
No longer a person, just a long unrounded number.
"Don't worry," they'll say, "it'll be without blunder.
This is the latest sure thing; it'll go off without a hitch.
Anyway, if you haven't been arrested, why do you bitch?
It's just for those who have something to hide.
That's not you, right? So, just let us inside.
After all, you've nothing to fear but fear itself.
Except, perhaps, that your DNA will be on a shelf.
Ready, for when we need to find someone, you see.
Now, be quiet, you hear, and repeat after me:
Criminals are wicked, the scourge of the earth,
We need someway to stop them, so why not at birth?
Just weed out the ones that'd fall on their own.
We can't give them a chance, wait till their grown.
Cut them down now, before they reach their prime,
Trade one life for another; it's all to prevent crime."
So, dear friend, when the time comes, will you get in line?
Or will you stand up for yourself, maybe grow a spine?
The Man is coming for us all, why can't you see?
He's moving right along with the REAL ID.
One card for us all, it's easier to track down
No matter where you live, no matter what town.
One day everything will have gone too far,
No one will be safe, no matter who you are.
Call me crazy, no doubt you already have.
Just another loony; oh, it's too bad.
My only response is to look back at our history.
Always a progression toward central authority.
People will say, "oh it can never happen here.
Not in America; we value our liberty too dear.
We won't give it up, that is not without a fight,"
But your neighbor disappeared only last night.
Drug out of his house for no reason at all,
No chance for a lawyer, not even a phone call.
Flown over to Europe, part of a RENDITION.
His story will never be told on Late Night Edition.
So, just sit and wait, and act like nothing's wrong.
Go plug in your headset to hear the latest pop song.


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