Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An Evening with Magritte

The I-5 Parking Lot

Every morning, noon, day and night,
I-5 and and L.A. traffic is a fright.
Millions of cars stuck on the road,
Drivers in a bubble, waiting to go.
One guy drives a truck, another an SUV,
But everyone's stuck, just like me.
Hit the gas then slam on the brake,
Sooner or later even metal can ache.
Listening to talk shows about nothing at all,
Putting on faces, or taking a call,
Reading the paper or finishing a shave,
Spilling the coffee; it's all in a day.
Taking in fumes not meant to breathe,
But everyone's stuck, no one can leave.
It's not just here, it's not just L.A.
This shit goes on every damn day.
All over the country and maybe the world,
People are trapped, caught up in the swirl.
It's more than sick, if you want to ask me,
That people like to be told just who to be.
Scurrying like ants, first here then there,
Shown what to like, told how to care.
Given orders by those talking heads on T.V.
Who deny that we're slaves, "Oh no, not me."
"Oh no, not me and surely not you either,
Don't pay attention to him; turn us up higher.
Drown out the sounds of a world gone wrong;
Pop in that single of the latest new song.
You know the one, of how we're better than you?
Oh, don't worry; money like ours, you can have too.
Just step on your friends and kiss the right ass,
Jump through the hoops and be the head of the class.
And now that it's Christmas, be in good cheer.
Wear a damn smile; no scrooges in here.
That's better. Are we coming in clear?
Now, invite over friends and drink lots of beer.
Don't think about man who's right outside,
Waiting for heaven, or just a place to hide.
Put on the turkey or ham or even a roast duck,
Forget about the shopping and how you got plucked.
Warm yourself by the stove powered by gas,
Never mind someone Iraq just lost his ass.
Or that his buddies might be goners soon too.
Oh, don't worry, my son, it'll never be you.
Just keep your mouth shut and put your head down.
Keep plugging away, and don't look around.
Anyway, why worry about something you simply can't fix?
We've been trying for years and we know all the tricks,
Of the trade that is, but never you mind.
Just spit out that gum and get back in line."

But that's just my take, you don't have to believe,
That the Man has anything hidden up his sleeve.
Just stay tuned in for the season finale,
And keep away from any dark smelly allies.
That's where trouble starts and it's already brewing.
Read the signs yourself, check the pot for what's stewing.
The richest 1% of America owns a third of its wealth
And people make millions playing with your health.
Sure there are those with good in their heart
Who like to share and see others get a good start
But for every one of those there is a thousand more
Who don't give a damn and treat people like whores.
Oh, there will come a day when it's all turned around,
When the people at the bottom do their own looking down.
But for now we must wait and sit in our cars
Stuck in the dark with no sign of stars.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I went to a Magritte exhibit in L.A. on Sunday...needless to say from looking at this picture, I had a knee-slapping good time. It got better when my fiance asked me if this is what guys see when they look at women!