Friday, December 01, 2006

Like Sheep

While we stand here waiting like sheep
For the Man to open the doors, we sleep.
Unable or unwilling to think for ourselves,
To imagine a better way,
We do as we're told because that is all we know
And anyone who speaks out above the crowd
Is immediately rushed upon, immediately cowed;
Herded into a cell, never to be heard from again;
For the man who comes out is not the one that went in.
So we wait, wait for the day when we'll wait no more
And that day we'll find out what's really in store,
For it is to be expected that we'll be opposed,
Told to be quiet, or we'll be killed, I suppose.
They do not want us to use our own mind,
Just the one they give us to keep us in line.
And like good shepherds, they go after a stray;
They are quick to recover one that loses its way.
For they worry about saftey, but not of the one lost
But of what they protect and defend at any cost.
That is why we wait, with our name tags, ID's, and tickets.
That is why we shut up when we art told to zip it.
Because like the sheep that we are, we love our peace;
We don't want to be shorn, because we'd rather be fleeced.
But there is still hope for all those that care,
For those that want to drink clean water, to breathe pure air.
For we are the people, and are numbers are many
Thus we have the power and they don't have any.
We can decide for ouselves what we think best,
We just have to decide to give up the rest.
Give up the things that we are told by others to want
Things like patriotism, that ghoul which continues to haunt,
Whispering hateful little nothings into our ear,
Making us forget the past by teaching us to fear.
It's not wrong to love a country, but pride comes before a fall,
Respect for all life is more important, the big and the small.
Give up frivolous things like all the Hummers and SUVs,
Give up the Walmarts, McDonalds, and kill your fucking TV.
Stop listening to pop music and play some Bob Marley,
Read a good book for once, take some travels with Charlie.
Above all, think for yourself and free your mind;
Open the door for stangers, learn to be kind.
But don't just stop there, be sure to keep going,

Let's stop being sheep and get this ball rolling.