Thursday, November 09, 2006

War is the Enemy

Last night, I had the fortune of listening to Howard Zinn speak about the role American history, the real American history with all the acts of imperialsim and brutality, should play in the analysis of current government policies. Zinn concluded that in the end, wars and the occupation of foreign lands, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, only lead to greater hostility.
"War is the enemy," Zinn said.
Think about it, if a foreign power tried to occupy the United States, would there be any second thoughts about creating an insurgency to attack said forces? Why should we expect any different from Iraqis or Afghans? And what about "spreading democracy?" I'm curious what will happen in the near future as President Maliki edges away from U.S. influence in his government because as long as he goes along with U.S. directives he loses credibility in the Arab world.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sadam Was Convicted

The papers read: Hussein Convicted Today
And all the White House shouts "Hooray!"
"A victory for democracy," they all declare,
While another soldier dies, blown up in a snare.

No one remembers that back in '68,
Before President Nixon's Watergate,
The CIA backed an Iraqi coup
That put Sadam in charge as #2.
Nor do many people seem to recall,
The planes, the bombs, the guns and all,
We gave him to fight against the Shah,
In a war fought badly, bloody and raw.

So, now a man we helped to gain power,
Gets a final meal, clean clothes, and a shower.
What will this prove? Has justice been done?
Will our soldiers come home? Has Iraq been won?
Is it "Mission Accomplished" time yet, Mr. President?
Will you give us speeches again about why we went?
There's been no smoking gun, no mushroom cloud,
Just flag-draped coffins and trumpets playing loud.